School Programs Overview

Schools implement practices that meet the needs of their students and staff to support student learning and the delivery of services.. Many of these practices are common to education and more specifically to specific school types. However, not all practices are found in all schools but are used depending that school's needs.

School typically implement practices at the school level. While this allows practices to be tailored to the school's needs, it often requires considerable investment in school's resources to plan and operationalize. There are many practices that schools have in common that do not require highly targeted tailoring that may benefit from shared development.

This sections documents practices found in member schools and identifies similar practices and programs so schools can benefit from commonalities and their corresponding experiences and progress and results data.

NOTE: The collection and presentation of Information in this section is an ongoing process which at present is in its initial phase. The structure and presentation of this information will be refined to provide additional ease of use and accuracy to help consumers of this information to use it more efficiently.

Also note that FERPA and school system restrictions may limit access to some sections to authorized users.