Programs of Study Adoption Overview

The diversity of Hawai`i Academies (HA) member schools is reflected in the diversity of programs of study that they have developed or adopted for implementation in a smaller learning community setting. This diversity includes programs of study found in traditional schools as well as those that reflect the career focused smaller learning community academies found in most of the member schools.

This section documents programs of study that many Hawai`i Academies member schools have in common. However, while this commonality exists, they may differ in content as the development and implantation of these programs are often unique to individual schools. Information presented provides the opportunity to align common programs that can provide development and operational efficiencies and student management flexibilities.

This overview provides a synopsis on the career pathways implemented by Hawaii school academies and the number adopted. This process is currently in progress as schools if necessary, are concurrently in the process of aligning their pathways to Advance CTE defined pathways. Adoption details will be available when this effort is completed.

NOTE: Program counts below are subject to change as schools develop and refine their programs of study pathway definitions and academy adoptions.

Programs of Study School Adoptions
Areas # Programs
Mathematics 3
Language Arts 4
Natural Sciences 6
Social Studies 15
Areas # Programs
Languages 12
Health and Physical Education 5
Visual and Performing Arts 16
Life Skills and Character Education 3
School College and Career Programs of Study Adoption
Areas # Programs
Agriculture and Animal Sciences 2
Architectural Engineering and Construction 3
Business 6
Communications Alignment 6
Computer and Information Sciences 2
Engineering and Technology 4
Health and Physical Education 5
Home Economics 2
Hospitality and Tourism 3
Industrial Arts 5
Law and Justice 2
Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences 4
Public and Human Services 1
International Baccalaureate 
Special Education (SPED)
Subject Area Programs of Study Adoptions
SY 2021 - 2022