School Program Overview

Hawai`i Academies (HA)  member schools have common programs depending on the needs of their student constituency. While this commonality exists, the development and implantation of these programs are often unique to individual schools.

This section catalogs the programs of study found in HA schools and in their smaller learning community academies. This overview provides a synopsis on the career pathways implemented by Hawaii school academies and the number adopted.

The collection of this information is an ongoing process. The information is also subject to change as schools refine their pathway definitions and academy adoptions.

NOTE: Some schools have pathways identified at the cluster level. This are counted as related / unspecified pathways.

 Core Subject Area Course Area Affiliations
Core Subject Areas
Program # Schools # SLCs
English Language Arts (ELA)    
Natural Sciences    
Social Studies    
Health and Physical Education    
Industrial Arts    
Visual and Performing Arts    
Life Skills / Character Education    
Career and Technical Education (CTE) Course Area Affiliations
Arts and Communications
Program # Schools # SLCs
Arts, A/V Technology and Communication   35
Program # Schools # SLCs
Business Management and Administration   10
Finance   0
Marketing   15
Program # Schools # SLCs
Health Science   20
Industrial and Engineering
Program # Schools # SLCs
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources   8
Architectural and Construction   13
Information Technologies   7
Manufacturing   7
Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)   14
Natural Resources    
Program # Schools # SLCs
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources   12
Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)   9
Public and Human Services
Program # Schools # SLCs
Education and Training   10
Government and Public Administration   0
Hospitality and Tourism   27
Human Services   3
Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security   4
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics   10
Non-Academic and Special Program Course Area Affiliations
Life Skills / Character Education
Program # Schools #SLCs
Special Area Programs of Study
Programs # Schools # SLCs
Special Education (SPED)    
Currently In Progress
SY 2021 - 2022