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Hawai‘i Academies (HA) is a partnership between twenty-seven Hawai`i State Department of Education (HIDOE) high schools seeking to improve educational outcomes by implementing smaller learning communities (SLCs). Member schools are in different stages of implementation, each school’s SLCs being structured to meet their unique educational setting. 

HA schools are organized into a consortium that provides a venue to support these efforts through shared  experiences and outcomes, hearing from topic area experts and holding group discussions to elicit solutions and  where needed, provide recommendations to appropriate agencies.

HA meets quarterly in Kapolei, with occasional meetings at school sites. These school site visits are vital in providing contextual insight into SLC implementation and operations. It allows for broader exposure to school staff who are not regular participants in HA meetings. Member schools also meet as workgroups that are organized around specific interests.

HA maintains a dedicated website that provides public information and a secured area for shared results of member activities to support the development and distribution of functional and operational best practices. The website also provides links to web-based discussion and content areas for member schools to support HA activities. It is a resource and archive for member schools for HA-sponsored efforts.

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Our Vision

Hawaiʻi Academies are committed to engaging and preparing me for life beyond high school. Academies provide opportunities to explore real-life, hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom. My Academy is an ohana, where I am proud to own my education, follow my passions, build relevant skills, and develop deep connections in my community. Hawai`i Academies make my dreams a reality by empowering me, giving me a voice, choice, and confidence in my future!

Our Mission

Hawaiʻi Academies provide systematic support to meet the Hawai‘i Department of Education (HIDOE) vision and mission by expanding Smaller Learning Communites (SLCs) in Hawai‘i to prepare all students for college and careers


Insight Onsite

Location: Governor Wallace Rider Farrington High School and James K.L. Castle High School

Insight Onsite

Location: Governor Wallace Rider Farrington High School and James K.L. Castle High School