Curriculum and Instruction Overview

Curriculum and instruction are foundations of an educational system. Curriculum defines what is taught and when relative to its different components (scope and sequence). Instruction describes the different methods that curriculum is delivered. 

This section seeks to document the curriculum framework used by Hawai`i Academies (HA) schools and their projects and programs that use this framework. Within this context, this information may be used in multiple school improvement initiatives. These initiatives are described elsewhere in this website.

Different instructional practices are used to address differing student learning styles. Instructional practices, when correlated with curriculum, student group types, implementation environments, school capabilities and student performance will provide insights for the development of the most effective delivery of education.

Instructional practices found in HA member schools are being cataloged to provide working data for the analysis and implementation of school improvement programs. This process is in its initial phases with the working data in the process of being collected and organized, During this phase, the data will be restricted to participating  HA members.

Curriculum and instruction based projects and programs are cataloged. These provide contextual information on HA member on past and current activities. 

NOTE: This is an ongoing process and information presented in this section may be incomplete.

The Hawai`i State Department of Educations has defined career pathways that are used to develop programs of study.
A requirement for Hawai`i Academies' Governor's Emergency Education Relief Project (GEER) was for participating schools to create and implement a project based on a partnership between the school and its community.