School Improvement Initiatives


Education is a dynamic process that is constantly changing in an array of different areas. Student populations may change, new technologies can enable new, more effective practices, and new educational strategies and concepts all help define this dynamic.

In response to this changing dynamic, the State of Hawai`i Department of Education schools all have school improvement programs as standard practice. These programs implement new practices, and change or discontinue existing practices to allow schools to adjust to this changing dynamic and to accommodate changing student, staff and community needs.

These changes to a complex operation situated in a complex structural environment are often very complex to plan and implement. This success or failure of these efforts is often dependent on how well schools plan and manage them. To facilitate this, member schools share experiences and use data to assess progress and results.

The Hawai`i Academies (HA) provides coordination or sponsorship support for school improvement activities that may benefit from the involvement with other member schools.

Summaries of member school School Improvement Programs are provided along with achievement data to provide a high level insight of each school's efforts.

School Improvement Program Annual Summaries
SY 2020 - 2021