Who We Are

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Member schools share a common organizational and operating structure or are interested in implementing a structure based on smaller learning communities (SLC). They are organized into communities of practices centered around these SLC's. They include schools from all major Hawaiian islands and from all school districts in the Hawai`i State Department of Education (HIDOE), Most are traditional grade 9-12 high schools but others are combination schools consisting of middle and high schools or elementary and secondary schools..
As part of a statewide school system, the schools are situated in a range of community types - urban, suburban, towns and rural. They range from the largest high schools in the HIDOE to the smallest based on enrollment and have student bodies consisting of multiple ethnicities and cultures. They are situated in different communities with different levels of median incomes- from the highest to the lowest in the State. Some of these communities have populations with high levels of college education while others have predominantly high school levels of education.
There ae currently 27 member schools in the Consortium. They represent almost half of the regular high schools in the HIDOE and do not include public charter. These schools are, by island and school district:
  Oahu Island  
Honolulu District
Leeward District
Central District
Governor Wallace Ryder Farrington High School
Kaimuki High School
President William McKinley High School
James Campbell High School
Kapolei High School
Nanakuli High and Intermediate School
Pearl City High School
Waianae High School
Waipahu High School
`Aiea High School
Oahu Island
Hawai`i Island
Windward District
Hawai`i District (Hilo Area)
Hawai`i District
James B. Castle High School
Kailua High School
Kalaheo High School
Hilo High School
Kea`au High School
Pahoa High and Intermediate School
Waiakea High School
Kohala High School
Honoka`a High and Intermediate School
Ka`u High & Pahala Elementary School
Kealakehe High School
Kaua`i Island
Maui Island
Molokai Island
Kaua`i School District
Maui School District
Maui School District
Kapa‘a High School
Kaua‘i High School
Waimea High School
Henry Perrine Baldwin High School
Maui HIgh School
Molokai HIgh School